Good & Bad Robots

 Some people are good. Some people are badly programmed robots.

We all have to do things we do not like, but peacefully and without intentionally harming others. How about you? It is a sad fact that often the abused become abusers, but it does work both ways, nice, kind, caring people tend to breed mostly good people, although it can result in spoilt and selfish children. Some people are brought up to thieve, con and or cause harm or death, this for them is normal, as awful as it seems. If you are brought up in a belief system and or racial way of life, there is a very strong possibility that you will be affected and continue in that way making your choice of how you are, pre-programmed and robotic, restricting your freedom and ability of choice. Depending how severely you have been programmed, and what you were programmed with, will result in your view on life and others. Changing the way you are can be difficult, and for some seemingly impossible. Especially if what you believe in will kill you if you stop believe in or try and believe in something else. A lot of Germans did not believe in Adolf Hitler’s beliefs but so strong was his influence that they would be sought out and killed if they did not praise him and do whatever he required of them. His extreme followers would see to that and anyone who feared the consequences of being suspected of doubt, so even some Germans lived in fear doing what they did not want to do. Fortunately history has proven that such fearful beliefs eventually fail miserably, but often at a terrible price. If what you believe in is not peaceful, it is historically doomed, to eventual failure like all the others of the past, the price is up to you. Where do we go from here? Keep an open mind and be honest with all of your self and do something, say something to make a peaceful change. You do not always have to believe in what you do quite the way you do, and although it may be very difficult for some at the moment, it may not always be so. Sometimes with the unwanted pressures of life it can be difficult trying to see the wood for the trees, or even worse thinking that you have seen the light at the end of the tunnel when it’s the light on the front of an oncoming train. These are two of many old expressions. One of mine is cheer up they said, things could be worse, so I cheered up and sure enough things did get worse. But don’t give up hope, try to look into the future and seek others who also hope for change and have similar problems. When my Father died I was devastated. He was 87 years old, quite a good age but nevertheless it affected me badly and I did not see how I could ever get over his death. Slowly and eventually after a couple of years I was able to place him peacefully within me. Things do take time to change whatever they may be, especially if they have been part of your way of life. Since before you were born these connections and pathways have been with you for a long time and are the way you are. Changing them takes time and can seem impossible. Sometimes events can make you suicidal, given time though things do change. Sometimes external help can help. As well as time there has to be a little spark of hope that one day things might be different, but finding a hint of a spark can be difficult. Many people do change beyond their youthful expectations and hopes.
Given time anyone can change, sometimes beyond their wildest imagination. An addict can free their self from their addiction, a gang member can be prominent eventually in preventing other people from joining a gang, the same with criminals and even Muslim terrorists they all can change to prevent others from falling into the same way that they once were. I was once told a story of a rebellious greaser style of young motor biker who shaved his head and had a big black tarantula spider tattooed on it, which must have looked quite weird. Times and people change as they do over the years and this rebellious biker grew his hair, put on a suit and found a job in the city. All was well until after several more years his thinning and receding hair started to expose his earlier way of life.
People who become disabled can do unbelievable things beyond their imagination or expectations. Para Olympians, mouth and foot artists, handicapped sports people and people like Stephen Hawking who are simply incredible.
Given time and hope what you thought could never happen, can or maybe something that you never even considered. So long as you live there is always hope, with anything. Be true to all of your self, you do not need to be such a robot, let the real bit of you shine and perhaps make the changeable difference, even if you live under a dictator and or beliefism.